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Remote Life Force Energy Healing
for Transformation of Body, Mind, and Spirit

DISCLAIMER: Please note that all of the information on this page including but not limited to ideas, philosophies, and spiritual teachings, is educational in nature and is provided only as general information – it is not to be considered medical or psychological advice. Elizabeth Patric is not a licensed medical or health-care professional. Elizabeth Patric will not perform medical treatments, prescribe substances, or interfere in any way with the treatment of a licensed medical or health-care professional. Any Life Force energy healing / Biofield energy healing / prayer to God / God's Grace / Divine energy blessing that she provides should never be used as a substitute for licensed medical and/or psychological diagnosing or treatment of a health problem or disease. Furthermore, particular outcomes or results from any energy healing / prayer are not guaranteed. 

Elizabeth's Life Force energy healing / Biofield energy healing / prayer to God / ability to harness God's Grace / Divine energy blessing connects your soul to the God of your understanding, where you and your soul decide which energies of love and/or light frequencies to partake in. Having access to these various octaves of energies allows for your healing to proceed with grace and ease. In the same way that a power line cannot receive Niagara Falls all at once, energy has to be stepped down through “transformers” to match a recipient's ability to harness that power. You must take steps energetically over time for your complete transformation and to reach your unlimited potential and expression of your soul destiny. You have an unprecedented pathway to become the most enlightened blueprint of your body, mind, and spirit.

Program & Pricing
Energy Healings
Per Month
Energy Healings
Per Month
Energy Healings
Per Month
Energy Healings
Per Month
Energy Healings
Per Month
Energy Healings
Per Month

*Remember that these prices include everyone in the household. All family members, pets, plants, the house itself, and the surroundings on all octaves are included. The remote Life Force energy healings take place while you sleep so the energies can be assimilated and integrated all night long.

** Please note that you will be redirected to complete your program purchase on

Specific Instruction

Call Elizabeth at 1-715-272-1593 if you are interested. She will first want to talk with you to get a sense of your situation or “landscape” - the members of your household, pets, plants, and your surroundings. This will enable her to activate the non-physical nature spirits of love and light frequencies in your environment.

Remote energy healing can be administered any day of the week and will take place at night while you are asleep. Energies are activated at a time that Elizabeth and you arrange together, generally within a two-hour window of the usual time you go to sleep. Elizabeth typically prefers Monday and Thursday nights, as suggested by higher guidance, but any arrangement can be made, and she can accommodate any time zone.

Other Thoughts

1. The Life Force energies that you will receive are guided by your soul and spirit. Without your intentions or desires, you would not receive these energies. What you receive is what is auspicious for you and what you, your Higher Self, and the God of your understanding have decided for you. One participant might receive gentle heart energies, while another might experience a huge blast of shakti, while another may not feel anything at all. It is best not to judge your experience. The important thing is to think about the accomplishments and results of the healings.

2. Remember, you are the one that is shaping your experience, and you will receive exactly what you can  integrate, translate, and assimilate with grace and ease. Elizabeth does not determine what you need. You and your soul, and your spirit, along with the God of your understanding, determine this.


3. If you feel groggy after a healing, this is not a “bad” thing. It means that you had quite a transformation and are still adjusting to the difference in your frequencies.

​4. Some evenings you will receive more energy from one type or another. The Divine decides and that decision is based wholly on what you want and also the deepest desires of the soul and spirit which may or may not be within your awareness. It is easy for the energies to co-mingle. Your body, mind, and spirit may need different octaves. One may want the Lao Tzu energies while another might want the Universal Mother Mary energies, while another might want the Trivedi Effect® phenomenon. It is all good!!! Currently, our evolving light bodies may want to receive “chords” or frequencies. Much like a piano can play one note or a chords of notes, sometimes we need chords of octaves for our most complete expression of God’s Grace for our totality. All of these energies can be received in a harmonious way. All of these energies are specified each and every time to be of only love and light frequencies.


5. Elizabeth loves to receive your intentions and will help you to articulate them with clarity. It is a very good exercise to articulate using words for what you want, for your continued growth and transformation. Using your voice to declare your intentions to the universe will bring you great blessings. You have to meet the muse at least half way, and it will respond by at least a 100-fold! And you can always add the default caveat – “this or something the Divine wants for my full expression of God’s Grace.”

6. Remember to turn off radios, TVs, computers, music, etc. The more that this kind of dissonance can be removed, the more likely it is that you can receive the really subtle frequencies that will nudge you towards the most complete expansion of your awareness and consciousness.

7. Do be patient. All is in perfect Divine order and our healing and transformation take its own time. Just as a child takes nine months to develop in a mother’s womb, your own process is going to take its own time to reach fruition.

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